The top loss of energy in your home will be from the basement/craw space walls and attic ceilings. Over 30% of heating and cooling loss comes from a poor insulated home. USA Energy carries a range of products that will allow you to get the level of comfort your are looking for in your home. With our Smart Technology products we will provide you with top of the line services that not only will give you the best comfort level for you home but also keep it environmentally safe and lowering your utility bills.


Air moves in and out of a home through every hole, crack and seam. Approximately one-third of air infiltrates through your ceilings alone, walls and floor openings are a close second and should be looked into sealing as well. The Department of Energy reports that heating and cooling (space conditioning) accounts for roughly 56% of all energy used in the typical American home.

We can help to maintain a comfortable indoor climate while reducing energy consumption. Our Smart Technology insulation products as well as expanding foam sealants help your home to maintain its heating and air conditioning and decreases the amount of moist air that leaks through the house, reducing the adverse effects of mold and mildew growth on your homes walls and ceilings.