Energy Auditing Equipment

All equipment is the latest technology in home energy loss evaluating used by our BPI certified Professional Inspectors all having with years of experience in home evaluations and trained in the latest Mold, Asbestos, Lead, and OSHA safety standards to ensure you receive a safe, quality home assessment.   

Free Energy Savings Supplies

All items are installed by our Professional Inspectors for free during your homes energy evaluation.

Items that we can install for free:

2 – Efficient-Flow Showerhead (Fixed) 

2 – Efficient-Flow Showerhead (Handheld)

4 – Efficient-Flow Faucet Aerator

12feet of ¾” Water Pipe Insulation 

Electric DHW Tank Wrap each system

2 – Smart Power Strips

14 – Watt Type A CFL

16 – Watt R30 CFL

23 – Watt R40 CFL

12/22/33 – Watt 3-Way CFL

23 – Watt Dimmable Spiral CFL

2 – ShowerStart Adapter 

1 – LED Bulb

13 – Watt CFL

19 – Watt CFL

23 – Watt CFL

9 – Watt Mini Globe CFL

9 – Watt Candelabra CFL

Learn how you may be eligible to save 50% or $4,200 off your energy savings upgrades.

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